This new course in English language is focusing on the outstanding role of Local Governments (LGs) in the Covid-19 Pandemic in a comparison between different European countries. The multi-level governance approach offers the theoretical framing. On the basis of case studies, the role of LGs in the national-state policy to mitigate Covid-19 will be analysed, in particular with regard to questions of capacity, coordination and autonomy. The following case studies are to be examined: Germany (example for the federal approach), France, Czech and Slovak Republic (example for unitary approach) and Sweden as specific approach. In a second step, the comparison should be related to specific policy areas or questions. Here, the focus is on the organisational adaptation of LGs to the challenges of the pandemic, their role in the national health policy in the pandemic, the effects of the Pandemic on the financial situation of LGs, the local decision making and the activities of local civil society in the pandemic. Finally, the question of post-pandemic consequences for better resilience of LGs will be discussed.The course is aimed at master's students, especially in administrative science, from the 2nd semester onwards.