Modul mit Vorlseung, Seminar und Praktikum

Einführung in neue Techniken der Interaktions- und Enzymanalyse  und Biosensorik, sowie deren Anwendung in Medizin, Lebensmittel- und Umweltanalytik.

Introduction to recent developments and novel techniques of interaction analysis, enzyme analysis and biosensors, incl. applications to medicine, nutrition and environmemtal analysis.

Course description for online course 2021

Carbohydrates or glycans occur ubiquitously in nature. They fulfill a multitude of functions described by various scientific disciplines that meet in the highly interdisciplinary field of glycobiology. Aim of this course is to give a state-of-the art overview on topics related to modern glycosciences. In the first part of the course we will summarize and deepen basic knowledge on carbohydrate organic chemistry, biophysics and analytical and bioinformatics tools. These fundamentals set the basis for the second part of the course where we will work on actual glycan-related research topics.

Part 1, Fundamentals: Glycan building blocks and their chemistry, glycan structure and analytics, lectins and glycan recognition, protein glycosylation

Part 2, Current Topics: Lectin function and pathogenesis in mammals, Glycans in immunology, Glycans in microbiology (structures, pathogenesis, microbiome), modern analytical techniques for glycosciences.

The course will be fully online, please register to the course on Moodle (Search term: Glycan2021, Key: Glucose) to find out all details. Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any questions: