The lecture Molecular Microbial Ecology gives an overview about the adaptation of microorganisms and the structure of microbial communities in their habitats. A special focus is given to molecular techniques used for the analysis of complex microbial com-munities, methods aimed to detect activities of microorganisms in situ and microbial genomics and metagenomics. The lecture will cover the role of microorganisms in bio-geochemical cycles and the interaction of microorganisms in symbioses and biofilms.
In the seminar, original articles complementing topics and molecular technologies introduced in the lecture will be presented and discussed.
In the practical tutorial the students will get hands-on experience of molecular tech-niques for the analysis of microorganisms in their habitats and of microbial communi-ties.

Analytical Biochemistry II a lecture as part of the modul Bioelectronics and Nanobiotechnology and a seminar.