This colloquium is reserved for students in the MA programme Anglophone Modernities in Literature and Culture. The course will take a theoretical angle on (song) lyrics and include writing excercises. Students working on their MA theses are encouraged to present and dicuss their projects.

This course focuses on the historical figure of Sara Baartman. Sara Baartman was a khoisan woman from the Cape Colony brought to London in the early 19th century where she was exhibited as The Hottentot Venus. After her death in France, she was dissected by scientists, her brain and genitals bottled, and a plaster cast of her body and her skeleton put on display at the Natural History Museum in Paris. Only in 2002 were her remains repatriated to South Africa. In this seminar, we will focus on the debates, both historical and contemporary, triggered by Sara Baartman, involving complex questions about the intersections of Empire, race, gender, science, performance, repatriation, etc.