This is an overview of the seminar covering the first half of the seminar. It outlines the first five sessions, but these sessions may take more than five weeks, depending on participants’ progress.
The seminar will use (mostly) the RStudio IDE with RMarkdown (Rmd) as scripting language. Rmd scripts will be provided for all content. Exercises will mostly involve modification and execution of these scripts as well as their adaptation to participants' data. Thus, in principle, one can "survive” with very  limited knowledge, but obviously the more one knows about the RStudio IDE, the larger the benefits. Therefore, I start with a number of tutorial sessions. We may want to spend more than one session on a tutorial.  Currently, the following tutorials are available, more will be added as we get into the semester: 

Tutorial 1. Install R and RStudio; work through a tutorial describing RRStudio, and RMarkdown.

Tutorial 2: Submit two files from and about your research

Tutorial 3: Work through a tidyverse tutorial

The scripts are to facilitate a transition from other programming languages (e.g., SPSS), but most importantly they introduce topics and R code for data wrangling and visualization of your own data.

Participants  may work through the assignments at their own pace, but the seminar will cover them in this order. There will be a feedback form where participants can mark when they completed a session.

Participants who take the course for credit must submit the assignments by September 30, 2021.

For each tutorial there will be a separate thread in a moodle forum associated with this seminar and a separate activity or folder in the block Tutorials (Propädeutikum). Feel free to comment in the respective thread or ask questions.  I will monitor the forum closely and hope to answer questions posted in the threads as quickly as possible. I very much welcome the assistance of everybody who can help out quickly.

Enjoy and have fun!