This is the exam page for the online version of the Modulprüfung Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies, WS 2020/21.

This page is for students with surnames A-M.

Our summer colloquium addresses one of the key categories of modernity, the subject. Contemporary cultural and literary theories usually dismiss a ‘humanistic’, ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘liberal’ notion of the subject conceived as a sovereign, self-determining individual and emphasise in its stead the inherent duality of the subject as both agent and ‘effect’ of external determinants. The course programme will open with discussions of ed canonical conceptualisations of the subject from Descartes, Locke and Kant and then focus on some of the most influential interrogations of this genuinely modern legacy, including psychoanalytical, sociological, feminist and poststructuralist positions.
Moreover, the colloquium will offer advanced graduate students the opportunity to present and discuss their thesis projects.