Research and development of technologies in the field of digital health offers enormous potentials. It is, however, connected to a variety of ethical and societal questions. This course will, allow students to acquire a foundational understanding of important ethical concepts in connection with technology and different concepts of technology in the context of healthcare.  Students will, then, explore different instances of health-related technologies to develop an overview on the most prevalent ethical issues. These includes ethical issues in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in healthcare, ethical questions of privacy and Big Data and ethical questions in using physical devices. Finally, the course addresses the question of professional responsibilities and research ethics in digital technologies allowing students to critically reflect on their role as future researchers, developers, designers and creators. To this end, students will be acquainted with basic methods of identifying and analyzing ethical issues in technology (foresighting) as well as with different ways to resolve such issues and to allow responsible creation and design of technologies (e.g. ethics by design, embedded ethics).