Social Media and in particular social networking sites have gained tremendous popularity (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc). Not only have they shaped interpersonal communication and information retrieval, but moreover, have become a central platform for marketing and hence a key channel to consider for businesses. Facebook alone has over 2.32 billion monthly active users and businesses have realised what marketing potential these platforms hold.

This course sheds light on the SNS marketing phenomenon from a research perspective. Conducting systematic literature reviews, you will dive into one specific SNS marketing topic and become an expert in this field. Potential topics include but are not limited to, influencers, virality, firestorms and advertisement reactions. Engaging with one topic throughout the seminar, you are encouraged to gain a deep understanding of the current status quo of research. Your task will be to implement a systematic literature review in order to present and evaluate your findings. Learning achievements will be presented and you are requested to write a seminar paper. The seminar will be held in English.