At the IAA, a study strand "Linguistics in LA" is developed and tested, which runs through the entire LA course and includes 50% of the linguistics courses. These courses
- build student- and competence-oriented (SOKO) from the basic course to the Specialization modules in the Master on each other,
- Are designed target group-specific and interdisciplinary with relevant
Interdisciplinary courses interlocked and
- thus promote career orientation, professionalization and personal development our LA students.

From QM point of view, the project allows primarily
- an examination of the cost of a SOKO design of courses and modules
Lecturers with SOKO experience (see also project proposal KomPeLing 2.0) and
- testing the cost and effect of entanglement of SOKO LVs and modules across programs, including consecutive MT.

All in all, the existing can be further developed and sustainably improved through the implementation of SOKO. For this purpose, concepts, structures and didactic materials that can be used in the long term are being developed. The project enables the transfer of the results to other courses and programs and is comprehensively evaluated and documented.

In this way, we can gain further experience with regard to SOKO development and coordination of study courses at the Faculty of Arts and beyond, and involve further teachers in the process and sustainably improve LA training.