Planet Earth is first and foremost a chemical system. Using the tools of geochemistry to solve geological problems, we can understand Earth and how it works.

This course will focus on fundamental processes that gave rise to the characteristic geochemical features of the continental crust and the mantle. It will provide essential insights into magmatic processes (differentiation, contamination etc.) and the geochemical and isotopic composition of the different mantle reservoirs. The geochemical evolution of Earth since Precambrian times will be addressed, and standard analytical techniques will be explained.

Students following this course will:

-          gain an understanding of the chemical composition of the Earth and other planets, and the chemical processes that affect them

-          gain familiarity with analytical methods used for geochemical analyses

-          learn to analyse modern research questions in geochemistry by studying the literature on a chosen topic

-          are able to critically analyze scientific literature containing geochemical data

-          acquire the ability to critically analyse, interpret and present data.