The students get accustomed to recent research developments. They will learn about major research journals and available article formats. Most importantly, they will understand how scientific knowledge evolves. They will initially improve their competencies to put counter-hypothesis to existing research and develop skills to formulate research projects. They should be able to define the weakness of research studies while improving their science debating skills.

1. Subject competencies: (i) The students are capable of familiarizing themselves with the current state of research in a specific subfield of their specialization areas. (ii) Having done so, the students can work self-sufficiently on an assigned scientific question.
2. Methodological competencies: (i) The students can summarize the findings of the introductory project concisely in a report. (ii) The students are capable of compiling the findings from the introductory project for a presentation and specialized discussion.
3. Performance competencies: (i) The students are capable of discussing complex issues in physics with others. (ii) The students develop strategies of their own for preparing specialized literature, expressing scientific issues, and using media effectively.