Theoretical framework

The theoretical framework are the idea(s) on which the final 2000 word essay are based. Therefore it makes sense to set these out in the beginning so that students can start to put together their final graded task.

The City and Space

Cities are seen as the centre of cultural modernity but this historically has not always been the case, the 19th century where rapid industrialisation in Britain often lead to a deterioration of the material conditions for the majority of people. What does the city mean today and what right do we have to the space that people inhabit. David Havey’s book Rebel Cities will sever as a key text for this. Student can explore the historical development of the city and the social relations to space. Cultural Geography by Mike Crang’s chapter 4 Literary Landscapes can also be used to look at the city from it’s description and imaginary in literature.

The social relations of the city to space can also be explored through podcasts the ACFM podcast and David Harvey podcast can be used for this. What does it mean to inhabit the city and the right to the space in it. - The themes embedded in this question is; the privatisation of public space, e.g. the creation of privately owned public spaces in London and elsewhere, the right of assemble in public spaces; the gendered right to space, how cites have created spaces that are unsafe for women; Utopianism, what would the Utopic city would look like and what are the prerequisites for a Utopic city.