The module provides an insight into the formation, structure and change of permafrost landscapes. Basic knowledge about the material and substance turnover during thawing and freezing of permafrost soils are adressed. The relationship between water, energy and material balances and the emission or absorption of greenhouse gases is a further focus. Typical landscape forms and their changes will be discussed.

Qualification goals
Students have in-depth knowledge of the principles of the formation and properties of permafrost and are able to reflect on and analyse them as well as assess its role in the global climate system. Students can describe the landscape development of permafrost regions and develop scenarios of how the permafrost region has changed in the past and may change in the future. Students know which methods and techniques are used to study permafrost characteristics and dynamics on different spatial and temporal scales. Students are able to conduct specific and interdisciplinary discussions in this area. Students are able to give constructive feedback on subject presentations and discussions. Students are able to evaluate, prepare and present scientific publications.