About: You already have an idea about the module paper you need to write. However, you feel lost about how to further research, grow or structure your text, or how to revise and edit it. If this situation sounds all too familiar for you, we have a solution in the form of a 4-week module paper workshop. Here, you will get to know about the various steps of the writing process, along with various writing tools and methodologies to shape your module paper towards a final submission.

What to expect: Over the 4 weeks of the workshop, you will work with your individual idea for your text; understand the writing process in detail; get to use various tools and methodologies to write your academic text; work individually and also in groups in order to explore different text-writing phases and styles; thereby bringing your text towards completion and ready for submission.

You would be able to use the workshop to your optimum benefit:

  • If you already have formed an idea on what your module paper will be about when you join the workshop
  • If you write everyday preferably for at least an hour throughout the duration of the 4 weeks

This will help you stay up to speed with completing your academic text within the duration of the workshop.