Australia famously considers itself as the country of the ‘fair go’ and yet heated discussions around the notion of justice continue to be fought out in the public domain. Often concerned with the legacy of Australia’s colonial past, these debates revolve around questions of obligation and recognition, reparation and restitution, reconciliation and forgiveness. Seminar sessions will address the following topics, among others: historical and present-day perspectives on the legality and legitimacy of colonisation; the debate around the Stolen Generations and the 2008 Apology; land right claims; the role of the arts in remembering and working through historical injustice, etc.

In engaging with these issues, our course will draw on a range of sources including literary texts, (feature) films, legal documents, activist interventions and scholarly writing. We will use a variety of e-learning formats, among them video conferencing, discussion forums, wikis and streamed lectures.

Enrolment for this BA course starts on 31 March 12 am here via Moodle.